Getting down to business

About 15 years ago, I was averaging between 65-80 Kg’s (170 lbs).  Playing sport’s helped and I was happy with my weight.  I never intended, nor did I have any desire to be the most ripped or best built person, but I always wanted to be comfortable in my body.

About 7 years ago, things changed when a accident had my barred from gym for 2 years.  There was also limitations put on any home workouts as I had very strict instructions not to put strain on my body.  Only after two years did I get the go ahead from my Doctor, only to injure myself once more.

You can say then that for the last few years it has been a up and down struggle.  Not until a few weeks ago did I realize that I am far from happy in my body.  And this has now spurred me into action.  But it is not as easy as people tend to make it out to be.  Obesity and also having the ability to work through this especially if you doing so alone is challenging and has made me realize that I have to do so unless I intend on ending up as a overweight middle aged individual.

Look, don’t get me wrong, I have put on a lot of weight since the days of me playing sports, but I am comfortable in putting in the hard work to get there.  So here is the breakdown:

-Weight is currently at 242 lbs.  Leaving me to lose about 35-40 lbs.

-Due to limitations in my gym routines and to avoid any injuries, I can only work out for the most 4 days a week.

-Dieting is expensive and can become quite a pricey affair, especially if you have to eat regular small meals.

-I work during the night, so my sleeping/eating patterns is different to the average individual.

I have looked up work out plans because to be honest, this is stuff you can learn on the net instead of paying a ton of money to an instructor at Gym who spends half of his/her lesson on their Social Media accounts.  I have also worked out my own eating plans.  But after considering the latter, I decided that maybe I should go see a Dietician.  My health plan covers this but there may be a pay in.  I have slowly worked my way back into the workouts and have been going frequently. Eating wise I consider myself to be generally good, but this can be different on the weekend which kinda defeats the purpose I suppose.

Which is why I am appealing to anyone with suggestions, tips or just some knowledge on how to shed the kilo’s.


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