Let me pick up the torch

For the last few years Hip Hop has gone through a transition where the elitist is busy counting their money from all their royalties, where Rappers became business men who is too busy increasing their respective brands instead of making the music that we have loved for so many years.

20 years ago, the Rap Game saw two of the most iconic rappers battle it out.  Christoper Wallace and Tupac Shakur had the world divided.  West Coast vs East Coast, Death Row vs Bad Boy Records, Outlawz vs Junior Mafia.  There was so many subplots and even though it made for entertaining of the highest quality, it also meant the demise and death of two of the most gifted artists in the genre’s very dark but also lucrative history.

For year thereafter, the likes of Nas, Jay Z, DMX, Lil Wayne and recently Drake and Kendrick Lamar have been putting out hits and claiming to be the self proclaimed King of Hip Hop.

A heavy crown to carry considering that it carries a lot of pressure, and have rappers lyrics gone through with a fine tooth comb.  And this made me think of a few things.

I have always been a huge fan and critic of Nas.  The self proclaimed God Son, has changed and adapted to the times, his last critically acclaimed outing “Life’s Good” was a commercial success after his divorce from R&B singer Kelis.  The artist, showing off his new style swagger in his videos showed us glimpses of his “Illmatic” side in a few of the tracks.  With the artist due to drop a new album, I am sorry but the Hip Hop community is in need of a “Illmatic”.

Enters Kendrick Lamar.  The Compton native recently released his much anticipated LP “Damn”.  I have not seen the ratings of this, neither do I intend on doing a full write up of the album, but all I can say is that if you are a fan of Hip Hop, get your hands on this one.

Not since Stillmatic and Life’s good, have i ever managed to not skip a track.

Seems like Kendrick just picked up the torched.



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