Pick me up Monday

Happy Easter to one and all celebrating!

For those of us that have to work, just a question as we head into this Easter Monday.

“What is your favorite performance by a artist or band and why?”

For the average music lover, they will think about their favorite artist/band and just choose that as their most watched.  But what people sometimes forget is the impact, reason and message these performances signify.  It can either be very a very technical reason, or just pure passion, which in my opinion is scarce in the world we currently occupy.

As young as I am, I have fond memories of VHS tapes and stories that my parents shared with me.  This lead me to just love music more.  So strangely, my favorite would happen 1 month after my birth, but I first saw the tape about 5 years later and instantly fell in love with it.  As I became older, the message and reason became even more clear and this lead me to just believe more in the power of music, as well as the message it can potentially carry.

Over the years there has been tons of performances.  Listed below is 5 that springs to mind and can be notable mentions:

  1.  Michael Jackson Motown 25- As always, a very good rendition of Billy Jean, but more notably the debut of the Moonwalk.  Even though Jackson did not invent the move, he certainly became synonymous with it.
  2.  Prince Superbowl XLI-In my opinion one of the best performances seen at any Superbowl, Prince has always been a very interesting artist, and his renditions of Purple Rain, Best of You, Let’s go crazy, Proud Mary and All along the watchtower is one of the best performances in Superbowl history.
  3. Beats by Dre Live-Not in the traditional sense, but this is iconic in the fact that when Dre launched his live Apple Beats channel, he chose to promote his 90’s playlist by having the actual artists perform.  The likes of Nas, Dre, Bone Thugs, Pharcyde, A Tribe called Quest, Method Man & Redman and many others dawned the mic for a icon of the Hip Hop scene.
  4. AC/DC Live in Riverplate-If you want to see a massive amount of people in the same stadium, rocking to the tunes of the classic band, look no further.  They absolutely rocked the stadium and proved once more the caliber that they posses.
  5. Nirvana Unplugged-Probably the best MTV Unplugged next to notable mentions of Lauren Hill and Eric Clapton, Nirvana was just full of raw emotion.  You could also see the psychological state of Kurt Cobain, the show being one of his last public performances before his sad passing three years later.

Which brings me to my favorite live performance;

Queen-Live Aid-Wembley

Let’s be honest.  The world has never and will not ever see a more majestic performer like the late Freddie Mercury.  The man was an absolute genius and he put all his love in his music.  Bohemian Rhapsody, We will Rock you, We are the champions, Crazy little thing called love, Hammer fall and Radio Gaga, all packed into 24 minutes.

What amazed me more was the crowd anticipation.  The man knew how to attract their attention and this made it even more worthwhile.

What is yours?



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