Public Enemy Nr 1

With the removal of his Finance Minister and the everlasting doubt over his leadership, clear favoritism and his corrupt ties, President of the Republic of South Africa Jacob Zuma has triggered what will be the biggest protest in the country’s history.


Since abolishing Apartheid in the 90’s, the release of Nelson Mandela from prison and the return from exile for a lot of the African National Congress, the country just can’t seem to catch a break.  Zuma, who himself is a controversial figure, has come under immense scrutiny as well as calls for him to resign his seat as President of the Republic.

A President that did not finish Primary School, who has over 700 charges of fraud and corruption against his name, a healer of HIV by taking a shower, and who spent over R250 Million ($27 Million) of State money to build and upgrade is home in Nkandla.  How much more can the country take?  With the removal of his Finance Minister and 15 other Ministers and their Deputies, the country has decided enough is enough.

His own leadership group within the ANC has blasted him in the media over his latest screw up and one only has to wonder if this will be the beginning of what could easily become a Civil War.  If you look at the bigger picture and compare his reign to Robert Mugabe, one has to fear that the most powerful economy in Africa may just become a second Zimbabwe.  While the country cannot boast about Oil, or their infrastructure, they can lay claim to being one of the richest countries on earth in terms of their natural resources.  If I have to go on about the countless things this tyrant has done we would be here all night.

Instead, in case you don’t know, here is a few of my favorite pictures from Zapiro, a popular cartoonist from South Africa, who has made it his job to come up with some of these classics:


-Before he became the President of the Republic, Zuma claimed that after having sex with a HIV positive female, he washed it off by taking a shower…hence the name…and drawings of a Showerhead.



He off course has multiple wives and has fathered over 20 children.  The state pays for them too.


His repeating ability to get away and manipulate the Justice system.


His relationship with the Gupta family.


Suing cartoonist Zapiro for damaging his reputation.  The case was thankfully dropped later.



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