The Weekend that was Binged

Binge watching.  One of he modern times’ most favorite hobby…OK, one of mine instead.  I’m sure that plenty of you have done this, especially after a few hectic days/weeks and all that you require is to kick back, relax and catch up on your favorite viewing pleasures.

So after nearly two years, I decided to catch up on The 100 the past weekend.  It came to fore after a few hectic weeks where I decided to take an additional day off.  After meeting up with a old friend for lunch, after coming home I decided to sit back, get out the snacks and start my binge.  Heck, I did have two full seasons to catch up on and after receiving some rave reviews from a few buddies, Seasons 2 and 3 would make for some entertaining Binging….(is that even a word?).

Halfway through Season 3.  Must say that it has impressed me.  Kinda reminded me of an old book I read in school about 15 years ago, The Lord of the Flies.

Written in the 50’s by William Golding, it tells the tale of a bunch of school children stranded on an uninhabited island and their struggle to form some sort of governance.  It tells the tale of how preadolescent children turn to savagery in order to survive.

And somehow, this relates to how The 100 plays out.  At first, a bunch of children sent to Earth who they believed was uninhabitable, only to me met by Grounders, Reapers and the Mountaineers.  It tells the tale of how children are made to act like grown ups and fend for one another.

10 Episodes to go.  Makes me think…Who will be Piggy in this tale?



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