Music is the Soul of the Man

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
-Bob Marley


At times, it speaks to a situation, to a part of your soul that no one can comprehend
to your heart that no one can understand and to your sanity because without it, you
may just grow to dislike everything that you once stood for.

Everyone has their own Genre, everyone has that one particular sound that makes you
forget what life is throwing at you, and just being able to breathe again.  Whether
it be the reassurance of Freddie Mercury and Queen, the passion of life Bob Marley
portrayed or even the inventiveness of Michael Jackson when he was in his peak.

Playlist are made to fit your mood.  The Shuffle button is there if you want to be
random.  The repeat function allows you to relive a moment in your life that you
don’t want to forget.  Music, is the universal language that we all speak.

AC/DC made us want to get on the “Rock and Roll train”, Nirvana reminded us to “Come
as you are”, Queen told us “We are the Champions” while Bon Jovi laid you on a “Bed
of Roses.”  I can go on for days and cannot stress the importance of Music enough.

To be honest, had it not been for this, I would have been declared insane.  This is
a fact that I have laughed about, but sitting here thinking of the severity of how
different my life could have been, makes me appreciate it more.  And while I am a
stickler for the older generation of music, I still occasionally put my feelers out
to see what the world of entertainment can offer.

There is no amount of playlists that you can create, that will ever be either perfect
or complete.  Something, someone will always be missing and it can be a good source
of banter between your mates.  While some will not like the fact that you prefer Green
Day over Limp Bizkit, or prefer the newer kids on the block, whether there is a
preference for Kendrick Lamar over Drake or if Whitney Houston had a better vocal
range then Adele…the debates is endless.

If you had to ask my now, what my favorite 30 songs would be, I would probably end up
giving you 120 and that would not be enough.  The same can be said for Artists because
while you have your preferences, you also get those that will have a track or two, that
you feel directly speaks to you.  And that is what Music is about, lyrics or beats that
speaks to your soul.  Music that when heard, you just nod in agreement and close your eyes.
It sets you free and can bring you back from the darkness.

“It’s better to be hated for what you are, than to be loved for what you’re not…”
-Kurt Cobain.


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