Getting back into the act

We are all aware of the storms that life can throw at you.  There will always be the days when you wish you were on some distant planet, or very far away from your current circumstances.

Every person, no matter what their  background, have to sit and find a way back to an acceptable level of productivity or even sanity if you may.  And no matter how easy you perceive your circumstances to be, it can become a struggle.

Me?  The last few months has been tough.  Tough in the sense where Personal Development in the work place has been replaced by unbearable conditions for productivity.  Tough in the sense where my health has taken a decline and I just can’t seem to care about improving this in the least.  Tough where I have been pressurizing myself to an extent where it has effected my sanity.

Where to from here?

Work:  No longer am I sitting back.  I have applied for positions with other firms.  I am still giving my 100% as I always will, but will keep my reservations.

Health:  Starting to Gym again.  have a decent work out plan so cannot wait to get back in the swing of things.

Mental State:

And this is where the idea for the post comes from.  Since I have not posted in a long while, this will once more be a good avenue to get back to a level of sanity acceptable to my day to day workings.

Reading more.  I have not read a proper novel or auto in a while.  Speaking to like minded individuals, I have decided to get back to this too.  Nothing says strong willed than someone willing to chill with a book.

Think I should change the name of this blog…

No, will rather keep it as is.  But I promise I am back.


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