Be the one it happens too

Murphy’s law, what a travesty.  I hate the fact that it even exists.  Like, how does the one thing that you don’t want to happen to you occur?

For work, over the last 12 Years, I have probably flown locally, and a few times abroad close to 350 times.  Twice a month return flights to our headquarters, for ten years plus a lot of airtime.  I am sure that had all the Kilometers racked up, I could easily be a millionaire.

During this time, I have never missed a flight.  I have seen planes delayed, have seen restless passengers undecided and delaying flights, I have seen it all.  That is until the day that I ran late…

Seeing that my new job (for the last 3 years) has had me working during the night, I often have to stay till after my shift is done to assist my staff with complex issues.  This week happens to be what me and a few mates refer to as “MOB weekend”, a gathering of mates that just have a good time.  It also happened to coincide with the visit of my CEO…who happened to travel 10000 kilometres to do a site visit so time on the day of my departure was quite hectic.

Arriving at the airport with minutes to spare, the one day you expect them to wait for you, they do not.  The shock of seeing the plane stand there for a full 10 minutes after you arrive but them not allowing you to for once be the exception to the rule.

So here I am, sitting waiting for a later flight, sipping on coffee having been awake 20 hours, sleepy as fuck.

The joys of South Africa..Murphy



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