Do you Bleed?



The lead up to the release of Superman vs Batman had plenty of people excited.  Finally, a Superman that could take the role and make it his own after Christopher Reeves made his name playing Clark Kent.

Ben Affleck, at first was a dodgy and strange choice for Bruce Wayne, but knowing Ben, I always believed that his acting capabilities was top notch.  Yes, he sucked as Daredevil, but that was done in a time when comic book heroes was starting to come to life in a manner that none of us could have imagined.

My thoughts on the movie after watching this last week?

I think DC has struck gold.  This was the introduction into the Justice League that we have been craving for.  I cannot think of a better way to introduce Wonder Woman, and flashes of the Flash and Aqua Man, making me wonder when we will be seeing what DC has up their sleeve.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther was a masterstroke.  While watching this, my companion made a valid point that has to be raised here.  Doesn’t his performance remind you of a certain Joker?

Nonetheless, he puts a totally different spin on Lex who will grow into one of the main characters in the Superman timeline.  There was a lot of people that did not agree or liked the movie, but Zack Snyder did a good enough job to be put in charge of the entire JLA project, which should be their top priority, as well as giving other characters their own movies leading up to what could possibly put DC back on top.

This would need to be implemented rather sooner then later since Marvel has been doing a great job at getting their timeline in order.  With Captain America Civil War due to hit us, everything is pointing to Spiderman joining the stable of one of the strongest line ups in Comic Book World that you could possible find.  The names that is being associated with this is immense and I will gladly be following this as things develop.

My question to Marvel though…

Do you Bleed?



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