Eat, Play and Drink

Let’s get this straight, I am not a newbie.

Ok seriously though I am not.  I have been blogging since Yahoo Mail was the dominant force in free mail.  Since a time when Myspace was looked at as the next best thing, albeit only for a very brief memory in history.

Normally people would like someone posting their first time to give an account of themselves, who they are, what they do, and the list goes on.  And sitting here, I am thinking the exact same thing, but only once I wake up from my nap and actually spend some time on updating my site, then you will get an “about” section.

Ok, maybe I should not be so blunt.  Hell, I have not written, even on my own WordPress blog for a year.  Not out of choice though, there is this thing we grown ups refer to as “work” and to be honest, I have not felt this tired in my entire life.  But on the other hand, I have had this craving to start writing again.  Even the most unimportant things, this has always been my one platform where I could write and be happy, share ideas/stories, and read how people from all walks of life use blogging as some sort of therapeutic release from our very complicated and stressed out lives.

Ok, maybe I should introduce myself after all….

Skogan is one of many nicknames that I have been given.  It is the sound of Chun Lee from Street Fighter if you are aware, the World Edition 2 version that is.

We have covered the fact that I consider myself a veteran in blogging.  I am a slave at work, and work during the night, when any normal human being would be asleep, and no, I am not Dracula’s slave.  I enjoy the simple, yet enjoyable things in life, meaning when I eat, I love Braai…(South African version of BBQ), when I play, well, gaming has always been a hobby I enjoy and after much reflection, I realize that I have fallen way behind and need to make some sort of comeback, and Drink, well who does not love to get shitfaced on your off times.

Thinking about writing, I had to be sort of clever, so within the next couple of days, I will spice up this space, new Twitter handle, Facebook page, new Instagram account, all which to promote the craziness I get up too.

What may you expect you may think or ask?  Well, I don’t do make up and fashion tips.  If you are comfortable wearing a hoodie and a Adidas tracksuit pants, then we will get along quite good.  You will find reviews of Series, Movies, Games, any restaurants or adventures and then ofcourse some sport.  My wish is for me to keep this site up and contribute on a more regular basis then my previous account which is still active.  It is not the passion for writing died, it will never, it is just that I don’t have the amount of time to sit and write…


So go on, follow me, matter of fact, follow yourself to follow some friends and then send them my way.  This will be the start of a very good relationship…..


Till later.





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